CFO Services For Small Business

Business Through The Growth Phase To New Heights

Are you frustrated because you know your business could do much more with better-managed cash flow, but you don’t have the time yourself to spend on financial matters? Empower Business Accounting can help. We provide the best virtual CFO services for small business owners in NZ. Our virtual CFO services for small business owners is about transforming your business through the growth phase to new heights. Our virtual CFO can provide an array of advice to assist business owners with the operational management and control issues that many businesses face, helping owners make key decisions. Your business will benefit from regular strategic advice and an impartial voice. We can help you establish financial systems and assist you with tasks, such as: Budgeting, forecasting and preparing reports Guidance with the drafting of business plans Help you devise and implement accounting systems and controls Attend board meetings or with other third parties Provide guidance and recommend professionals who can advise you on accounting and tax issues Help you maximise your profits Establish best practice in monitoring business performance and benchmarking Contact us today on 021 0238 1157 to discuss how we could provide you with the best virtual CFO services that empower you with making well-informed decisions.

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Best Virtual CFO Consulting Services in New Zealand

Having a good CFO is an essential part of running any successful business, no matter its size. If you are a small or startup business, it can be difficult to afford a full-time CFO who will have all the skills and expertise you require. Empower Business Accounting offers the best virtual CFO services in New Zealand.

Our virtual CFO services for small business also include ongoing strategic and commercial advice to improve your decision making and sustainable growth.

Advantages of virtual CFO services for a small business

Hiring a virtual CFO from Empower Business Accounting can be a big benefit for a small business owner who cannot afford an experienced, knowledgeable CFO on a full-time basis. Our accountant can act as their virtual CFO to help small business owners keep their financial goals and realities clearly in sight. Our virtual CFO is an affordable alternative to hiring a full-time CFO and can make a big difference to a small business, by:

  • Creating budgets and forecasts for your business’s ongoing performance
  • Pinpointing problem spending by highlight trends in the market
  • Validating or discouraging business decisions with financial well-being in mind
  • Finding a way differentiate from the competition
  • Designing a profitable business model
  • Facilitating smooth financial functions, ensuring that any deadlines are met and regulations are complied with

Best Virtual CFO Services

A good CFO spends the majority of their time thinking about the future and how you will get there. Our virtual CFO is skilled at strategising, analysing options and implementing plans that drive value for your business.

We tailor our virtual CFO services for small business owners to ensure that the way we work together is right for you. Here are some steps we take to help small to medium businesses and startups grow:

  • Our virtual CFO reviews your business’ current state of affairs and determines if any processes need to be improved.
  • A robust, achievable plan is your key to success. Our virtual CFO will help clarify your goals and create an achievable plan to reach them.
  • Our virtual CFO helps you stay focused on financial and operational performance to achieve success.

CFO Services For Small Business

Hire a virtual CFO from Empower Business Accounting who works to your schedule. You will have access to the best virtual CFO services at a fraction of the cost of hiring a full-time CFO. Get in touch with one of our dedicated accountants on 021 0238 1157 if you’d like to find out more about our virtual CFO services for small business owners in NZ.

We are flexible in our approach and tailor our solutions to match precisely to your needs. If you would like to discuss how we can help you, please contact us on 021 0238 1157 or send an inquiry on our website.


Filing Your Returns

Let our team look after filing your returns to the Inland Revenue. We’ll make everything is completed accurately and properly, and we’ll get the returns in on time, ensuring you don’t incur additional fees or penalties.

On-Time Payments

We can also look after making tax payments on your behalf, ensuring your business meets its obligations and that you pay your tax on time.

Expert Advice

Whatever question you have about tax, our team of accountants can help. We’ll make sure you have the information you need to make the best possible decisions.

Tax Planning

Our tax planning services will ensure you pay the right amount of tax. We’ll minimise your tax obligations while helping ensure you pay way what is required by law.